Home Inspiration Why Are Most Intelligent People Losing Their Happiness?

Why Are Most Intelligent People Losing Their Happiness?


People with high intelligence there is no secret because they have reached their goals. They have a good education, the right professions as well as a better social relationship. But most intelligent people are unable to live with happiness.

There are some reasons for that.

1.The people who with higher intelligence there are suffer from psychological problems.

There is a common problem with high intelligence people; they are social anxiety and bipolar syndrome. These are the result of overthinking.

2.They may not receive understanding always

If we are want to stay comfortable, we must want to understand. If you have high tension and a lot of experience, you never be understood by your work. As a result of this, you will start to feel a deep loneliness.

3.They does not like to trust reality directly.

Some people have nothing. But they are living happily. They are satisfied with what they have. But this type of people won’t be happy with small joys. They always see to more than others.

4.They are their judge.

They have some theories and punishment styles in their way, as well as they analyzed their behavior. They are not satisfied with what they carry out.

5.They have a very high idea about them.

They are known for what they can do and what they want. Therefore they are reaching high standards for their lives.