Kenny Deuss, who was living in Antwerp, Belgium converted to a father. Nevertheless, he has almost conquered the talent of father’s jest.

Kenny & his fiancee frequently had a hilarious point of view regarding their correlation & caring for their child.

At any time, Kenny took care of their daughter himself, his fiancee calls him & want to know that their child as well. Then following some of these questions, the father had designed a method to reply with the use of his camera & photoshop, Kenny started responding using pictures.

Kenny’s fiancee is catching these muffles admirably. “My fiancee got through over again, while she got the earliest picture. Nevertheless, that didn’t get extensive before my fiancee & her peers began to anticipate novel pictures”, “It was told that my fiancee every time ensures that the photos were prepared cautiously. My fiancee every time glad along with the outcome.”