Want To Catch a Liar Red-handed? 6 Ways Can Help You


You know a lot of people in your life who have lied too many times. You might have also met people who made lying their best weapon to manoeuvre situations so as they get the best deal out of it or just to come out as a hero/martyr in every given situation.

Often you are stuck in a situation where you cannot catch a liar red-handed as they have mastered the art of it. But how often have you been in a situation where you knew someone was lying, your instincts told you so. but you didn’t believe them only because you weren’t sure or because you just couldn’t do it. Well, many times, isn’t it?

It is also true that in life there might have been a lot of times where you have lied. You might also have a justification for it, or might not just like to think about it. No matter how many times you were in that spot, the moment someone close starts to lie to you, that seems the end of the world for you.

Be it relationships, colleagues, friends or even parents being in a spot when your loved ones lying to you is not a good space and feeling at all. We list down ways in which you can make out whether someone is lying to you or not.

1. They don’t mention their name while putting a justification

One of the easy ways to catch whether the person is lying or not is by the way they present their arguments. It most likely that the person who is lying will not include themselves as a subject while telling the altered form of truth.

For instance, if a person by mistakenly or deliberately broke an antique piece in someone’s absence, then they would say “there is a broken antique inside the room!” What one can understand is that the person is not comfortable telling when and how did they come across the broken vase because they are afraid of getting caught and the consequences which will be followed by finding out the truth.

2. They use negative expressions while justifying themselves

In order to detect whether a person is lying or not, you need to be a little more alert about the kind of phrases they use often when trying to explain sticky situations. They feel that emphasizing facts and making it sound like they are in a dire situation, will help them escape. They are this way because they feel subconsciously guilty for their own lies.

For example: If someone who lies often even when he’s at fault will say something like this when they come late to work often “Hey, I am on my way. The driver came late, I am stuck in this stupid traffic with a bunch of idiots!” Whereas, if an honest person would state the fact, “Hey, I am running late. Stuck in jam. Going to take a while.”

3. They would either fumble or will use words excellently

Most of the time, people who lie often tend to jumble their own words and thoughts while presenting it in front of people. You can know whether a person is lying or not by the way they are talking. But then there are liars who are so good at it, that they can use words in such a way, that you can never find out their lie.

If found guilty, liars try their best to save themselves from falling into the ditch of suspicion. The best way is to act all innocent and naive not knowing what went wrong. Therefore, they say things like, “Do you really think I can do that? I barely can kill an insect!”. However, on the other hand, if a person who is honest and might have done something would address to this situation by saying, “I was there when the incident happened, and I know it was a mistake.”

4. Their eyes can give away a lot of “truth”

If you want to know or find whether the person is lying or not, look and observe their eyes. You will find a lot of variation in the way their eyes move and express. Rapid eye movements, gazing everywhere, looking distracted, not looking directly into the eye are some of the most noted eye movements that can give out a lot about liars.

If a person is lying, they will blink more than what is normal. They blink and their eyes will be a little wider while speaking. You can detect that by comparing a person who is stating the truth with a person whom you suspect is lying.

5. They tend to give extra details

People who lie, have a tendency to speak the minute details about the incident because that way they think they will be able to convince people. They prefer t put stress on even the minutest detail which isn’t relevant to the truth or the event.

If a person is lying, they will say things by adding extra details to make it sound real. It is something that they do, to let people process the possibility of the thing happening with them. Most of the time, with their redundant details, they convince people.

6. They become clumsy while speaking

It is believed that when a person is in the situation, where they are lying, they look for things to latch on or use things in order to avoid eyes-contacts, drop in tone and seriousness and confrontation.

People who lie start fidgeting a lot when they are been confronted, they either pull or correct their clothes, pick their phones and scroll things, look in the different direction, and cough and do different hand movements. It is easy to detect whether they are lying or not by the way they start changing their usual way of talking and listening.

While trust is one of the major factors when it comes to any relationship, to lie and not owning up to it is a big NO-NO. If you find your partner lying often then it is time to have the serious talk.