The Nicobar Pigeon is a rare, beautiful pigeon that is closely related to the endangered Dodo bird. Although both species have the same characteristics, the Nicobar pigeon has gorgeous feathers, coppers, blues, and greens. The small white tail and red legs add to the beauty of the bird.

This solitary bird lives long in solitude on small islands and possesses bright feathers due to natural predators’ absence. This bright pigeon is lives in the Pacific Ocean and Southeast Asia, Indian Nicobar islands to the east of Thailand, and places like Papua New Guinea.

Although Nicobar Pigeon’s population cannot be ascertained, the release of predators such as cats and rats into the islands where they live is a threat to the lives of these pigeons due to excessive deforestation.

Steps are being taken to conserve the Nicobar pigeon because it is a very endangered bird species.

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