In the agricultural economy, bees are the powerful little engines. They are critical to our food supply and also the environment.

Our food production depends on animals to help pollinate crops. It’s numerical a third. Bees play the best part in every aspect of the ecosystem As a pollinator.

These little insects support to the growth of flowers, trees, and other plants. And it serves as food and shelter for the other creatures in Nature. This bees complex helps to different interconnected ecosystems.

But the sad reality is, the numbers of bees around the world are declining at an alarming rate.

Bees are killed off by numerous changes, parasites, pesticides, and infections. So these are the main three reasons they decline.

Because of the climate change causes, some flowers to bloom earlier or later than usual. Beginning of the season, bees are left with fewer food sources. Development activities, abandoned farms are the diversity killers of bee-friendly flowers. So, to Bees also suffer habitat loss.

CCD, if not Colony collapse disorder, kills bees in the U.S. and Europe. Many are believe pesticides are the main culprit. Because of these reasons, they now are no longer strong enough to fight off with the parasites and infections that are killing them.

Because of this, we need to take action to protect this significant species.

Bumblebees are one of the most hard-working little beings in Nature. And due to their size, shape, and ability to vibrate vigorously, these insects are very active at pollinating certain crops.

During the busy days, they want some rest and freshness. Accidentally the photographers are catching this bees action to the photograph.
When you following photos show these engaged little fellows asleep in flowers with pollen all over their little furry bee butts.

They are adorable!