Life itself becomes brighter when you meet your eternal The Disney princesses’ brilliance is always visible on the Arianna Taft on Road Island.

With a smile on her face at every moment, this five years old girl, who is strong in all challenges, is battling dangerous cancer. Her father, Rayan, always tries not to give her any pain. Photographer Ashley Richer has worked hard to show off her beauty.

For two years, Ashley worked to provide free photographs to commemorate her son’s friend, a one-year-old cancer patient named Lia. Patient Ashley is also seeking medical treatment for complications caused by carotid artery and TIA strokes.

Doctors surgically removed a tumour and a kidney, confirming that Arianna’s cancer had spread to other kidneys, liver, and lungs. Tests also revealed that the other kidney had a 13 cm tumour.

Her hair was lost with time. This is because of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. After learning about Arianna from a client, Ashley devised a suitable way to keep a smile on her face.

She dressed up as Disney princesses Belle, Snow White, Merida, and Elsa. The result was a beautiful one due to Arianna’s beauty and self-confidence. This was because Ashley’s filming eventually turned to edit to provide an environment conducive to Disney movies and an understanding of life.

Her father told others that it was terrific to see Arianna dressed up as her favourite Disney princess. The father looked at the photos and realized that it was his daughter and thought Arianna has acted in a film of her own.

Loves every minute and thing she is the Disney princess who represents those who are bold and beautiful. You can understand when you hear that cancer is dangerous. But she never had a hard day. She was able to play happily.

You too can make many sacrifices to support Arianna’s family to make her happy with her smile during these difficult times. Also, She loves to visit the San Diego zoo.