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Finland Winter Magical Photos Under The Northern Lights


Tiina Törmänen is a nature photographer born and based in glamorous Lapland, Finland, who never lacks motivation. The Finnish Lapland is famous for its sparkling, snowy sceneries lit by starring skies and striking Northern lights, and it is an actual winter fairyland. Törmänen apprehends this seasonal glamour in her amazing photographs of Lapland’s bright sceneries.

Every specialist shot picture represents a different breathtaking view of Törmänen’s exceptional environment. It puts in opposition to sparkling blues, greens, and purples of the dawning Polaris; the statements give a glance into life in Lapland. Warm brightened compartments dot silent, snow-covered mountains, reindeer goes through ice blanketed evergreens, and chilled waterfalls build time stands motionless. “I think it is pretty to exhibit this quiet glamour.” Törmänen expressed to the Daily Mail. “Also, to remember the man how astonishing this world us how much there is glamour in life itself.”

Törmänen’s birthplace is Lapland. She moved to Helsinki in 1998. She worked as a chef there (although she never had an enormous fondness working in kitchens) and a subordinate for a trade studio photographer. In time, she found her passion for taking pictures of sceneries. She came back to Lapland in 2010 and hadn’t looked back since.

“You know when you are born and developed somewhere your environment is normal and you don’t even think about them, you just get it all for conceded,” she tells on her website. “However, after consuming 15 years in Southern areas, I saw the North in contrasting light and was even more affected about the glamour of what we have here. It has been a long expedition, but after you follow your fondness, it will guide you somewhere glamour in the termination”.

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All images via Tiina Törmänen