Beautiful Rare Albino Turtles Look Like Video Game Characters.


Albinism exists in many wild animal species. But it not survives long enough to be captured on film. Fortunately, there are a lot of videos and photographic evidence to exists of albino and leucistic animals such as whales, penguins, giraffes, lions, elephants, snakes, birds, and tigers live, and now also of albino turtles. These turtles are uncommon. They have pale orange skin and shell. Their eyes are red. Because of these reasons, these turtles are magnificent and unique.

Because of their unique look, they are making the as an easy target for the predators. And also the reason they are seldom seen as adults. Albino turtles usually live longer than other albino wildlife because of their protective shell.

Reptiles are different from the other albino wildlife. Because usually have one pigment present gives them a pink or yellow appearance instead of white. The reason they became this color difference is maybe melanin pigment. Lack of pigment affects all areas of the body, including the irises of the eyes. Therefore Sulcata turtles mostly look like to be albinos although they are not wholly white either.

The albino turtle called hope created the awareness about this albino wildlife after many years ago. Hope, an albino pink-belly side-neck turtle born as her heart beating outside of the body. Therefore she became famous on Instagram and her owner daily updated about her progress to the followers.