8 ways in which your dog tries to communicate with you


Do you ever look at your furry friend and wish they could speak and the two of you can communicate endlessly? Your dog prefers the same, believe us. Human’s best friend learn to human parent’s voice, the name by which they are addressed, and even pick certain sounds (words) and their meaning.

Humans, on the other hand, the superior race, fail to understand what their pooch is trying to tell them most of the times. You might love your dog to bits, but do you know what he/she is trying to say to you? Dogs can’t do much when it comes to communicating with their humans, but they sure try their best. Do you understand your pup?

Below are the ways by which dogs communicate with their humans:

1. Raising a paw

When you’re sitting and watching TV or working, does your pooch approach you and raise a paw or tries to touch or grab your arm? If your dog is a little puppy, it might raise both the hands or continuously tap its front legs.

What does it mean?

By this super-adorable gesture, your dog is trying to get you to notice him. Your pup is probably bored and wants his favourite human’s attention. Pat him on his head or give him a good belly rub because he’s such a good boy!

2. Eye contact

If your dog sits near you and looks right at you, making eye contact, it means your dog trusts you and feels very comfortable around you. It is your dog saying “I love you” in doggo language. Awwww (We humans often do nothing to receive such unconditional love).

On the other hand, if a dog avoids making eye contact with you and looks away, it means he is either scared or uncomfortable. Or, maybe he is feeling guilty for doing something naughty. Did someone chew off your favourite shoes? Your dog has no clue.

3. Tail-tales

Observe your dog’s tail because it tells many tales! Dogs use their tails to communicate a lot of things. A wiggling tail is a sign of happiness and joy, and a content, resting tail signifies that the dog is comfortable and at peace.

A stiff and raised tail means your dog is on alert and he’s sensing something weird around him. A tail tucked in between the legs signifies your dog is scared. And when you see your dog, and it starts to shake his tail so vigorously that even his butt starts to shake, it means he’s elated to see you, and it’s the best day everrrrr!

4. Tongue flick

If you see your dog flicking her tongue out and putting it inside real quick while she’s looking at you, it means she has done something naughty, and she knows it. If your dog is flicking its tongue while looking at you, she’s saying sorry.

5. Look at my belly

Dogs use other parts of their body to communicate. If your dog lies down beside you when she sees you, exposing her belly, it means she’s pleased to see you. Pet her!

By exposing their belly, dogs also express their desire to be petted and getting a good belly rub is one of the best feelings for your dog. If your dog shos his belly, give him a good rub and how you love him beyond words all the way to the moon and back.

6. Yawning

Of course, dogs yawn when they are sleepy, but they also yawn when they are stressed or uncomfortable. If you see your dog yawning or sneezing unnecessarily, it is a sign your dog is nervous.

Take your dog out for a walk, check for any physical symptoms to ensure there is nothing to be concerned about. Comfort your dog by sitting next to him and pet him. Some dogs yawn around their owners as a sign of content. Watch out and observe your dog.

7. Bringing you things

When your dog brings you a ball or a stick, he’s asking you to play with him! Playing with your dog is not only fun, but it is also necessary for your pooch’s health. Play with your dog now!

If your dog brings you his favourite today or random things he loves when you’re sad, your dog is trying to comfort you. Said it before, we’ll repeat it. We need to learn about unconditional love from dogs!

8. Freezing

Have you ever noticed your dog playing with something or chewing on a bone and suddenly freezing? It is your dog’s way of telling you that he wishes you’d leave him alone. Give your dog some space.

While these signs are common among dogs, every dog is different and may do different things to get his favourite human’s attention. Pay attention to your furry friend and observe her moves. Try to understand your dog how she tries to communicate with you!